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On-demand webinar

Security deep dive: How Dropbox Business protects your data

30 minutes

Security is critical when you store your data in the cloud. You must be absolutely sure that your solution protects sensitive data, maintains compliance, and ensures privacy.

We’ve made security a foundation of Dropbox Business, everything from the design of our infrastructure, to the admin and user security tools we provide, to the ongoing independent verification we undergo. 

Dropbox Business is built on a sophisticated infrastructure that meets and exceeds your security needs. Watch our Webinar with Dropbox solutions architect Abhishek Lahoti for a security deep dive where we cover:

  • The back-end infrastructure used for data protection
  • New functionality that enables admins to layer and customize their own policies 
  • Independent verification and compliance measures
  • Security and administration solution integrations

Watch it on-demand


Speakers for this session:

Abhishek Lahoti
Dropbox Solutions Architect

Annie Carruth
Dropbox Product Marketing