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On demand webinar

Connect and create with Dropbox

Modern marketing doesn't happen in a vacuum–the best ideas come to life when they have buy-in from multiple teams. But collaboration can be complicated when you're working with different teams, in different offices, using different tools. The key to creating your best work in this new dynamic is staying in sync with Dropbox Business.

Anna LeCat, CEO and Founder of Les Lunes, and Cole Ecklund, Creative Director of iQmetrix, will share their experiences using Dropbox to simplify collaboration and shave hours off their approval processes. T.J. Hannigan, Enterprise Insights Lead at Dropbox, will moderate the discussion.

Join us in this webinar, during which we'll cover how marketing teams can:
  • Keep agencies, freelancers, and team members around the world in sync
  • Expedite feedback and approval processes
  • Show ROI with Dropbox 


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Guest speakers for this session:

Anna Lecat is the CEO & Founder of Les Lunes, a fashion brand with stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago. Anna grew up in Ukraine in a family of entrepreneurs, and started her own brand management company in Shanghai when we was 21. Today, she manages Les Lunes’ entire operation from their design team in Paris, production facilities in Shanghai, and stores in the US.
Cole Ecklund is creative director at iQmetrix, a Vancouver-based company that offers platform-based retail management solutions for over 19,000 wireless stores in the US and Canada. Cole’s team is responsible for creating the company's brand identity and implementing it across internal assets and projects. He started at iQmetrix as a graphic designer for the company's e-commerce solution.