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eBook: Get wise beyond your peers

At Dropbox, we’re constantly learning from our users and adapting features to simplify collaboration. The information we collect allows Dropbox to help businesses and people collaborate and stay productive. And now, we’re excited to share some of our research on the ways people work today.

Our new report, “Get wise beyond your peers,” shares our findings on knowledge workers and their goals, workflows, and challenges. The Dropbox research team conducted 46 in-person interviews and surveyed 3,789 knowledge workers across the US. With these insights, business leaders can cultivate the kinds of workplaces that modern employees seek. 
Key takeaways:
  • To attract and retain the right talent, businesses need to cater to employees' evolving needs and work styles.
  • Providing the right digital tools gives employees the flexibility they need to be their most productive.
  • Identifying the four key worker personas can help simplify collaboration and create a culture of innovation.

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