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On-demand webinar

Next-Generation Collaboration: How Cloud-Based Tools are Supercharging Teams

45 minutes

Collaborative platforms are changing the ways people work and share information. Today’s leading cloud-hosted file-sharing platforms are conducive to generating new ideas and insights, and they’re also secure. These solutions offer easy access to files and engage team members. Collaboration becomes more organic and energized amid enhanced data security, ultimately leading to optimized performance.

Forbes Insights Analyst and Contributor Bill Millar and Dropbox Head of International Trust & Security Mark Crosbie discuss key questions such as:

  • In what ways are cloud-enabled information sharing solutions transforming collaboration and team performance? 
  • Who is best-suited to lead this revolution – IT, end-users, or both – and what is the optimal path forward? 
  • How can businesses achieve a better balance between end user needs for more effective collaboration tools with the IT mission of protecting company data?
  • In what ways can a cloud-based collaborative tool actually enhance data privacy and security?
  • What lessons can be learned from first-movers in today’s cloud-enabled collaboration?

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Speakers for this session:

Bill Millar
Analyst and Contributor
Forbes Insights

Bill Millar is a freelance business writer, researcher, roundtable facilitator and speaker. His experience includes over 30 years writing about the cloud, finance, technology, business strategy and the role of the CFO. A frequent contributor to Forbes Insights, Bill has also written or collaborated on over 20 books including Financial Innovations (Harper Business), Enterprise-wide Risk Management (Financial Times) and The One to One B2B (Currency / Doubleday). Though a writer today, Bill began his career as a Wall Street practitioner, working in treasury and trading at Euro Brokers, Drexel Burnham and E.F. Hutton.

Mark Crosbie
Head of International Trust & Security

Mark Crosbie is a manager in the Trust & Security team at Dropbox, where he manages risk and security for both the company and its services. Mark joined Dropbox in 2015 with over 20 years of experience in the information security field in both enterprise and consumer space. Previously, Mark was a member of the security team at Facebook where he worked with engineering and business leadership to protect the personal information of all Facebook users. Mark has past experience at HP and IBM on intrusion detection, ethical hacking, biometrics, security strategy, risk assessment, and security software development. He holds a number of patents around intrusion detection and security technology. Mark is based in Dublin, Ireland.